Compass Preschools

Compass Preschools focus on educating the whole child through varied, purposeful and experiential learning:

  • Spiritual: Students gain an understanding of the love of God. Prayer and daily Bible lessons include hands-on activities.
  • Emotional and Social: Through routine and structure, students create relationships with teachers and other children. They learn to practice self-control, interact positively, express emotions with words and resolve conflicts.
  • Intellectual: Students increase their understanding of the world through science, math, reading readiness and language acquisition.
  • Physical: Students grow their strength and coordination through gross motor skills (muscle tone and range of motion) and fine motor skills (manipulating small objects, eye-hand coordination, writing), as well as tactile and kinesthetic (sensory) learning.

Preschool learning occurs all day, including 20-minute structured learning segments in these focus areas:

  • Social: Circle time, sharing, calendar and weather
  • Language: Writing, alphabet, phonics, language acquisition
  • Math and Science: Rote memorization (counting) and number recognition, shapes, sequences, animal kingdom, insects
  • Art: Fine motor skills, cutting, drawing and tracing
  • Physical Education: Large motor skills, jumping, running, stretching and climbing

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